All My Single Ladies

September 21, 2015 0 comments

All my single ladies! And, well, single guys too. Actually, being that this is a new blog I should be crying out for anyone, anyone at all to read this.

This blog is for single adventures, living the single life, buying the single things (or buying all the things because oooh shiny!). It’ll likely mostly appeal to single gals but who knows, guys you may learn something new that you can apply to alleviate your single status. Kind of like going behind enemy lines and using the intel to take down your very own gazelle. But then, maybe not because I’m a crazy person who (as soon as I purchase it) will come with her own warning pillow:

Strange and unusual pillow

Found this gem on Storenvy

Further warning, I mix metaphors like a mofo.

I hope you enjoy.


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