Man Bun Madness and Why It’s Wrong

September 24, 2015 0 comments

Buzzfeed has collected and put forth twenty very valid arguments in favor of the man bun. At first I approached this article with dubious apprehension. I mean, come on, man buns? They’re gross. They look like overgrown toupees after a genetic experiment gone wrong. I have a theory that you can actually (and accurately) measure a man’s douchiness by the size and strength of his man bun. The only known cure? Sneak attack with a razor.

However! I have recently (like, ten minutes ago) had my eyes opened to a new way of looking at the man bun.

Man bun madness from Buzzfeed

*Sighhhh* *Drool*

Except these guys would still be hawt as fawk without man buns. One might even argue (I certainly would) that they’d be hotter without the man buns.

*GASP* What did she just say? Oh no she didn’t!

That’s right. I went there. Join me in my NO MORE MAN BUN movement. We have cookies.

No more manbuns

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