Instagram Thinks I’m a Gay Man

September 28, 2015 0 comments

Being that this blog is so new, I very recently set up an Instagram account for it. I started following anyone I could find that was sarcastic and/or single, you know, my people. Then Instagram offered to help me out and make some suggestions for me to follow. This was one of them.


And by “one of them” I mean one of the numerous accounts tailored to gay men that Instagram felt I should follow.


Because hot straight guys weren’t unobtainable enough? Now you have to flaunt those who sexual preferences preclude

Or was Instagram trying to shelter my frail ego by showing me men who weren’t immediately rejecting me for my appearance or personality but for my gender. It is a bit less of blow to know that a man isn’t attracted to ALL females and it isn’t just me.

Orrrr Instagram is bang on and I just like to oggle handsome men regardless of their sexual orientation 😉

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