Take My Money… And Run. Or Just Run.

October 28, 2015 0 comments

I‘d like to preface this by saying that I am very aware that finding a quality guy on POF is similar to Captain Ahab’s struggle in Moby Dick. I too am trying to land a white whale. That said, I’m definitely throwing this minnow back.


Shopping?! I love shopping! I’m a vapid, incompetent female who lives for men giving me money but fortunately I haven’t devolved to D-list stipper yet. Fingers crossed I trick a baby out of a dude and lock it down.

This is ACTUALLY one of his profile pictures.

This is ACTUALLY one of his profile pictures.

I don’t need to know anything else about you! You, my friend, have bought yourself a girlfriend. When do we start? Where do I sign?

Fist pump

Ahhhh shit, looks like my thrice daily cheeseburger precludes me from this deal.


Do you think he wants you to “be ambitious” and “striving towards obtaining a career” because he’s currently flush with the cash so he’ll have some time to erode any self-confidence you ever had while you’re striving for your own career so that by the time you have said career all you’ll do is work on your body and support him because by then his cash will definitely have run out and his debt will have ran right up and by then you’ve not only forgotten what meat tastes like but you’ll have invested too much into the relationship to want to leave and start over because really, what is love anyways? And what has it got to do with anything?

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