My Limits, You Found Them

November 24, 2015 0 comments

So I was texting with a guy from POF and he wanted to play 20 questions, the adult version. So I was like oky doky artichoky let’s do this. I started off with what I thought was an easy question. I asked what the least normal thing he’d ever done in bed was. MISTAKE! He came back with the following (and this is directly quoted):

“I love breast milk… I’ve had it a couple times… fucking in the ass people consider nasty but I love it… only had it a few times.. I’ve had sex with a girl on her period… all good… hell I’ll even lick her clit đŸ˜› hehe I love when the girl squirts in my mouth and I can slurp it all and drink it… face sitting so I can barely breathe is hot… grind it babygirl… I consider that fairly normal though.”


I don’t generally consider myself judgmental when it comes to sex but GODDAMN! Apparently I have limits and he found ’em!

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