This is What Giving Up Looks Like

December 1, 2015 0 comments

…or so I’m told. I actually thought I was being funny and, dare I say, clever.

I recently decided to give my online profile an update, a facelift, if you will.

heh heh heh

What do you think?

I was bitching the other day about getting stupid messages from guys, ones that just say “hey” or outright ask for sex. On the one hand, good for you for being honest and upfront. On the other, don’t I at least deserve the pretence of you wanting to get to know me? Come on dude, play the game a bit.

Anyways, my friend suggested that perhaps there was something wrong with my profile. That maybe I’d like to portray a more serious countenance if I’d like more serious potential suitors.

I then reminded him this was on POF.

Of course he then pointed out I was voluntarily on POF.


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