You Probably Shouldn’t Take Your Own Profile Pictures, You Look Like a Murderer

December 10, 2015 0 comments

I signed up for eHarmony and am regretting that decision (seriously, I could have got a new tattoo. Or several!) but that’s another blog post. In one of the guy’s profiles that I was looking at, he clearly took some selfies and posted them as his profile pictures. Bad selfies.

Now, I’m not saying he needed to go 22 year old girl at da club selfie level (#nofilter) but perhaps don’t look like you’re going to drug me, take me back to your place and put me in a hole in your basement and lower lotion in a bucket which I am to use upon threat of getting the hose.

And it’s not like it was just one bad pic among a sea of awesome ones – or at least non-murdery ones. It was several pictures of “I’m going to eat your face and shit out your soul.”

I’m not sure how he was able to look at those pics and think, “yup, these are accurate representations of myself that are sure to attract those of the female persuasion.” Unless he is an actual murderer. In which case, kudos to you for being upfront.

Guys, friendly tip. Looking like a murderer is bad. If you have any sort of female in your life, have them check your pics before posting. Thank me, and them, later.


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