I Don’t Understand You

December 14, 2015 0 comments

I’m not good with feelings or people’s behavior. It’s not my thing. I generally don’t understand others. So, when this guy I fooled around with the other day called me up to talk about some stuff (business stuff, completely unrelated to anything naughty or naked) and he started talking about this chick he was talking to I was a little put off. Then he tells me it’s his buddy’s wife that he was talking to. So I’m like, oh ok, cool. But he was trying to get her cousins number off her because he totally wants to get with this chick’s cousin.

I had the urge to emphatically tell him, “I’M NOT YOUR BRO!” I’m the chick you saw naked the other night and while I don’t necessarily want to date you or even have the overwhelming urge to see you naked again, I feel it’s a bit of a douche move to talk about some other chick you really want to get with.

Not cool.

This just makes me want to run away and hermit under all the blankets. I’m not going to, obviously, because I refuse to let some barely noticeable blip on my radar make me feel like less.

What I want to know is why? Why would he feel the need to tell me this? Is he trying to tell me he’s not interested in me by saying he’s desperate for this other chick? If so, then why did he text and call me after the initial hook up? I have made zero effort to stay in contact with him.

Ugg, I don’t understand people. Are guys even people?

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