I Just Want a Man With a Good Penis Between His Legs

December 16, 2015 0 comments

I despise guys who put that they’re looking for “a woman with a good head on her shoulders” in their online profiles.

That right there is discrimination against headless women and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. (They probably won’t either… because they’re dead… but still)

Right, because 90% of us are ditzes who probably shouldn’t be let off the leash, metaphorically and physically speaking.

I feel like if you have a good head on your own shoulders you can weed out the women who don’t meet your exacting standards by having a conversation with them. Of course then there’d be no red flag for the women like me who see that and quickly bypass that profile for others.

Can the female equivalent of this be us putting “I just want a man with a good penis between his legs that he knows how to use effectively” on our profiles? I think that’s fair. Of course, that’s probably inviting a lot more dic pics your way. We definitely don’t live in a perfect world.

Either way, I think it’s fair to say both genders want good head, in whatever way, shape or form that means for you 😉


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