Internating Cleanse

February 8, 2016 0 comments

I’ve decided to go on a cleanse. Not a juice cleanse or anything insane like that, but an internet dating cleanse. I deleted my Plenty of Fish account, OkCupid account and said buhbye to Tinder as well. Alright, I still have Eharmony because I paid money for that but I wish I hadn’t…. oh how I wish I hadn’t. More on that later.

Why, if I’m still single do I feel the need for this cleanse? If you’ve been on any of these sites for any significant amount of time then I feel you probably already know and feel my pain/annoyance. But for everyone else…

Recently, I’ve found that I no longer have the desire to mess with the morons who send messages like “heh babz, wut u lik”. Normally that would get an equally cryptic response that would, loosely, translate to, “not you.”

Also, because I’ve been trying the whole online dating thing for quite some time now, to know success, I find that I’m getting nicer and nicer and nicer. Giving guys a chance that normally I wouldn’t. Like, if they have a crapton of spelling and/or grammatical errors in their profile or claim “DJ” as their profession.

Rock bottom for me was actually trying to strike up a conversation with a guy who just said, “hey”. When I didn’t just say “sup” or delete their message, I knew it was time to take a break.

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