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Popcorn for Dinner!

February 18, 2016 0 comments

My father called today. Yes he was disappointed in me. No, not for anything important. I was eating popcorn. For dinner. Apparently that’s bad?

To my way of thinking, though, popcorn is the shit and here’s why:

  • popcorn is a badass that helps reduce free radicals in your body (so says the internet, so says I. Though I have no idea what a free radical is… In my head it’s a little hippie shit disturber running around your body and no one wants that)
  • it has antioxidants and a decent amount of fiber
  • helps you poop (told you popcorn’s the shit)
  • Not a heavy “meal” if you’re running late and eating dinner at 8pm

So there, Dad!

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