Clubbing > Online Dating

March 2, 2016 0 comments

Clubbing is better than online dating and here’s why.

Heading to the club you get all dressed up; girls draw in their eyebrows, guys put on way too much Axe.  Girls spend hours, possibly days, picking out their outfits (do I wear the mini skirt? or like the micromini skirt?), guys find a shirt that isn’t ripped and doesn’t have pit stains.


Internating where you can literally message someone “sex?” and you might actually get a positive response. You shouldn’t. But you might.

Believe it or not, more effort goes into clubbing in the hopes of taking someone home whereas with online dating you sit there in whatever disgusting lounge clothes you’re wearing and hope to connect to some equally lazy/horny-introverted-monster wherein you have two things in common: you both want sex and neither of you want to leave your homes.


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