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GoFundYourself and Stop Asking For My Money

April 5, 2016 0 comments

You know what I fucking hate? People who start a GoFundMe for their pet’s vet bills because they can’t afford them. Oh, you can’t afford Fluffy’s teeth cleaning? Suck it up and get a credit card, line of credit, sell your spleen, anything! But don’t ask people for their hard earned cash because you can’t take care of your pet.

It’s essentially the equivalent of pan handling on the internet. No one likes those guys who sit on the median at the intersection and walks up and down next to your cars, staring you down while you sit and enjoy your $6 coffee in your totally necessary F150, trying to make you feel guilty for spending the money you’ve earned on things that make you happy… and fat… but mostly happy.

So now, not only do I have to drive through strategically placed puddles to hit these guys, but I have to write blog posts shaming Fluffy’s cretin of an owner because she couldn’t be bothered to floss her fucking cat’s teeth like a responsible owner.

All kidding and exaggerated writing aside, this shit pisses me off. I have a retirement aged HORSE that has ongoing medical issues, the company I worked for just went into receivership and I have four wisdom teeth that need to be pulled and likely two root canals that need to be root canaled. However, you don’t see me asking random people on the internet to pay for my shit. No, you see me paying my vet bills, eating Ramen noodles, and letting my teeth rot like the good pet owner I am. Or at least you would, if you could see me.


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