Online Dating and Stockholm Syndrome

April 19, 2016 0 comments

I think I might have received a lobotomy in my sleep.

Some guy wanted to “meet me” on POF today and I was actually sad that I couldn’t message him…because he had a hot shirtless pic as his profile pic.


Am I getting so desensitized to seeing guys who are really proud of their nipples that I now look at the pic and think, “well, damn, he is hot. Why not?” Are the GTL douchebags of the online dating world wearing me down? Am I going to start going for weekly tanning sessions now so I can get that nice orange glow to show off at da club?

Have I been online dating so long now that I accept shirtless selfies as my new normal and feel it’s an acceptable form of self-expression? Am I starting to *gasp* understand and empathize with these douchenozzles?

Am I going to start censoring the profiles of guys who don’t show me whether they have an innie or an outie? -belly button, that is, not something further south… 😉

Am I… Patty Hearst?

Or am I just horny and appreciating 6 pack abs that any straight, non-dead woman would?

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