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Online Dating’s Equivalent to The Caveman Grunt

April 21, 2016 0 comments

In a society wherein many, if not most, conversations take place via one form or another of text – as opposed to face to face (or telephone) conversation, you’d think people would be better at it!

I recently started talking to a guy on Tinder (I know, I question my judgement too) and the whole conversation was kind of painful. It just wasn’t coming easy (that’s what he said, hehehe). For example, he asked me where I lived so I replied with the general area and asked him the same. He replied with his general area.

Full stop. No follow up question.

Ok, maybe he was busy or something so I responded with “well at least you didn’t say [very far away area] lol”.

His response? “Lol”

That’s it?!

I mean, ok the conversation is kind of lagging but by asking where I lived I got the impression maybe you’d like to consider meeting up, take this thing offline. But no, I got “lol” and nothing else.

I have a lot of issues, personally, with talking via text. I’m a fairly sarcastic person and sometimes that gets lost through the wires. Sometimes people just don’t get my meaning and other times they’ve had a bad day and are feeling a little sensitive and take things seriously instead of in the nature in which they were intended. But, knowing that as I do, I try to take steps to avoid those types of miscommunications. I adapt. I evolve.

Responding with just “lol” is like the caveman grunt of the online era.

Don’t do it. You’re better than that. I know you have at least a basic working vocabulary so fucking use it. Talking to you shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.

The only acceptable caveman 😉

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