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Not Everyone Peaks in High School

May 4, 2016 0 comments

And thank fuck for that! Amiright?!

So here’s a video from Joe Santagato. I’ve posted one of his before. I like them, they’re relatively quick and entertaining.

This one got me to thinking. (“A dangerous pass time.” “I know.” -bonus points if you know where that’s from!)

Thank fucking Christ Facebook wasn’t out when I was in high school. I would HATE to have taken a bunch of pictures back then, posted them on the internet thinking I was the shit only to discover, 10 years later, that NO I was not. That, in fact, I was an asshole. I mean, I was definitely an asshole, pictures or no, but now it’s not up on Facebook (or anywhere on the internet) for potential gentleman callers and/or blackmailers to find and use against me.

Do you think that 10 years down the line, assuming he’s still making videos or whatever, he’s going to regret that weird bwam sound he makes at the end of each video?

oh no she didnt

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