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Shame on Tinder, Says The People Ashamed To Be Using Tinder, Now That We Know They’re Using Tinder

May 10, 2016 0 comments

How are we supposed to judge people if we don’t know whether or not they’re on Tinder?

Well, thankfully, Tinder is testing a new feature that will fix that.

According to this article from Business Insider, Tinder’s new feature reveals which of your Facebook friends have the app – and people are freaking out [that’s not my sentence, that’s actually the title of the article, but it totally worked as a sentence there as well].

Tinder Social introduces the concept of “group dates” which is, allegedly, “a better way to go out with friends”. I used to have to go through the laborious process of actually calling my friends (or texting them, because who calls now?) and asking if they wanted to do something, but thankfully now there’s an app for that!

The side effect of this proposed feature is that you can see which of your Facebook friends has Tinder and apparently the test group (also known as Australia) isn’t happy about this. Come on Tinder, hasn’t Australia been through enough already? I mean, they were originally a penal colony and now you’re going to test “group dating” on them!? That’s just cruel.

“When I first saw that I could see everybody I was a little bit shocked because I figured that a big app like this would give a little more privacy than that, especially considering when first signing up they make a big deal about no one on facebook being able to see that you are using this app,” Australian Chloe Mac told Business Insider.

“I think many people might find it somewhat embarrassing and I think that there should have been a warning or an option to turn it on rather than just having your name out there for all your friends to see.”

Apparently people are ashamed to be using Tinder.

I know and understand that Tinder is a “dating” app that people use 99.9% of the time for hookups.


Why is that something to be embarrassed by? If you want to use the internet to hookup then do so. You’re an adult (theoretically), you pay your own bills (if you don’t, don’t tell me, I don’t want to have to hate you), vote (or choose to abstain), you should be able to decide who you want to sleep with. Whether you choose to stalk that person in da club like a lion hunting a gazelle or prefer to order your dinner pizza delivery style via a quick right swipe of the thumb, then who is anyone else to judge?

If you make the choice to hookup, fucking own it. Why is there any shame involved in this? Or is that a leftover mentality from the slut-shaming society we’ve allowed to continue and, in some areas, flourish?



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