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I Dunno Dude, What Do You Talk To Your Waxer About?

May 18, 2016 0 comments

So, I got waxed today. Not that that in itself is a momentous occasion, but it’s as good a starting point for this blog post as any. One might argue better since it’s straight to the point, no extraneous verbage – although you could argue the subsequent sentences are extremely extraneous. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

Anywho, there I am, lying spread eagle upon the Cushioned Slab of all of the Torturous Pain and Agony, my downstairs totally on display. We’re chatting away, ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room (aka my vagina) and you’d think that in this typically awkward situation that if we must converse, we’d discuss innocuous topics such as the weather, global warming, geopolitical upheaval, anarchy in the UK, ANYTHING except stereotypical penis size across different ethnical backgrounds. Which is what we did.

And of course I was laughing because it was hilarious! I love my waxer, she’s absolutely amazing at what she does and is an amazing person. I’ve tried to make it weird. I’ve tried to make it awkward. But I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t try that hard because I just didn’t believe it could be done, she’s that cool. Cool as a cucumber. So cool, in fact, she makes a cucumber look hawt. Wait… that sounds wrong.

Eventually she stops trying to rip my lady bits apart and declares me once more fit for sexual escapades. When we leave the little back room where she performs her hair exorcisms and come up to the front, my friend is waiting there for me (because we drove in together and because I’m wax-stalking her, but that’s another story) and immediately she’s just like, “you know we could hear you cackling, right?”. Because of course she’s no longer alone. There’s another patron in the waiting area.

Instead of that being awkward though, I feel my laughing whilst undergoing a procedure that typically has no comedic value is a rousing endorsement for the waxer in question. If you can get your client to laugh while doing that then you know your people skillz are mad, yo.

Just for shits and giggles (and giggle you shall), here’s a video of guys getting waxed! 😀

Quick aside:

Dude, I loved your work in The Addams Family. Seriously, you haven’t aged a day. Well played, sir, well played.

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