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Body Positivity and Online Dating

May 25, 2016 0 comments

I think this is a very important issue and one I come across a lot over facebook and whatnot – maybe that’s just because it’s relevant to me and maybe it’s not as big a thing on my skinnier/prettier friend’s feeds, but I feel like, as a society, generally, we’re taking positive steps towards a more body positive and accepting world. #amiright? Ok, well I hope I am. Because we should. Because how we look doesn’t define us. Because bigger doesn’t mean unappealing or undeserving.

Ok, so we’re all on the same page here, right? Yay bodies of all shapes and sizes! And if it’s not your personal jam then move along, ya?

Don’t tell me you’d like to hook up with me, person who doesn’t even post their own photo on POF, and then ask how much I weigh. That’s not ok. In what perverse universe do you think to yourself, “hey man, you have a right to know before you hop on or under this chick. She flat out states on her profile that she’s overweight. She could crush you! Really, it’s for your own safety and health reasons. You need to know this.”

Little known fact: I have a modicum of self esteem.

I laughed at him. Told him no.

He responded with, “unless you aren’t comfortable in your own skin bag.”

No, good sir, me and my “skin bag” are just fine. And neither one of us are in need of your almost guaranteed underwhelming services (he was quite braggy, so you know what that means…).

pof convo

I don’t think he liked being rejected 😉

Back to my original point, and going a bit broader, is online dating at all conducive to engendering and building a body positive society? I mean, you literally have “quick match” or “meet me” and flipping TINDER that want you to do a 2 second judgement on a person based on the photo(s) they choose to share with the online world. I want an app that makes you fill out a ton of personality info, matches you to people that way, makes you read through their profile, then, if you “like” that person based on what they’ve written and they like you back, THEN you can see their photos. But give people a chance to be people and not just “skin bags”! You know what, this needs to happen. Who wants to make an app with me? -better yet, who knows how to make an app?

Join us next time on Single As Fawk for the guy who messaged me twice before expressing a strong desire for anal. #onlinedatingfail

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