This site is for the perpetually single.

For those who go on dates and secretly (or not so secretly) spend the whole time thinking, “I’d rather be at home in my blanket fort.”

For those that have been on so many blind dates they almost wish they were blind themselves (and also those who’s friends love to set everyone and their dog up on blind dates. Everyone, that is, except you. Huh. Wonder why that is. *scratches head* Go figure.)

For those of you who are the ONLY single person in your group of friends and even though you’re happy for your friends and want them to be happy you also want you to be happy and need a damn wingman every once in a while so if they could detach themselves from their significant other you’d greatly freakin’ appreciate it!

The goal here is humor, although we may get serious every once in a while. If you’re interested in writing for or being featured on Single As Fawk, check out the Contribute page. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the blog! Subscribe via email so you never miss a post! 🙂